Chantal Sonier

Chantal Sonier

Reflexologie Therapist, RRT

Naturopath, nd

Alternative and complementary medicine therapist


Chantal Sonier is a Registered Reflexology Therapist (RRT), naturopath (nd) as well as a therapist in complementary and alternative medicine. She is registered with RITMA ‘Association nationale de réflexologie du Québec and The Atlantic Canada Association of Reflexology Therapist (RRT). Chantal specializes in ear and foot reflexology, indian head massage and Reiki.  Her need to help others has always been something she felt strongly about. Her need to change her career path and learn how she could help others with emotional turmoil, the need to let go and chronic pain has driven her to do training on natural and energy healing. Her goal is to bring you peace and wellbeing physically, emotionally and energetically. Chantal’s approach is gentle and non-intrusive. Her soft presence is then to bring you to a state of everall calm, while feeling zen and comfortable so you can be in the right state of mind to reach your internal and physical wellbeing.


Telephone : 1 (506) 252-2976

Fax : 1 (506) 546-8594

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