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Amilia Theriault Mallais CTA-C, CCC


Amilia Theriault Mallais CTA-C, CCC

Licensed Counselling Therapist-Candidate

Amilia obtained a bachelor's degree in human relations in 2019 and a Master's Degree in Counseling and Spirituality with a concentration in couple and family counseling in 2021 from Saint Paul University.

As of March 2022, Amilia has been licensed to practice by the College of Certified Counseling Therapists of New Brunswick (CCTNB). Additionally, since October 2022, Amilia has become a certified practitioner of the TA Method Approach in Equine Psychotherapy. She has also been trained as a yoga instructor since 2019 and practices, among other things, the Somatic Approach at the Mind at Peace Center. 

Before working in the field of mental health, Amilia gathered experience working with children aged 0-17 years old as an intervenor, pre-kindergarten instructor, swimming instructor, yoga instructor, etc
Together, her academic background and her yoga training constitute a combination of her central interests in her psychotherapeutic approach; mindfulness, the importance of psychophysiological experience within treatment, and the role of relational systems in the healing journey of individuals. Presently, Amilia is working on her certification of the IMAGO approach, an intensive training on couple therapy.


Amilia is motivated to work with her clients to help  them on their healing journeys. Her gentle and motivating temperament will be a catalyst for this.

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