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Lise DeGrâce,

Clinical Social Worker


Lise DeGrâce,

Clinical Social Worker

Lise has a profound commitment to supporting families in their journey towards positive change. With a career spanning over 35 years, Lise has become an advocate and ally for individuals with various challenges.

Throughout her career, Lise has worked with diverse populations, focusing on families struggling with issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, poverty, and mental health concerns. Her work has extended to both urban and rural settings, allowing her to adapt her approach to meet the unique needs of each community.

Recognizing the importance of self-discovery in the healing process, Lise incorporates self-reflection techniques into her counseling sessions. She empowers her clients to explore their personal strengths and values, fostering a deeper connection to themselves.

Lise guiding philosophy is rooted in the belief that every individual and family possess inherent strengths that can be used for positive change. Through her work, she strives to empower her clients to overcome challenges, and create a foundation for lasting well-being within themselves and their relationships. “In every challenge, there are always possible solutions”.

Lise holds a master’s degree in social work from the Université de Moncton. Her background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding family dynamics and the critical role they play in an individual’s well-being.

Additionally, Lise provides consulting services: research, policy development and evaluation, data collection and analysis, training, and capacity building, which is aimed at assisting organizations with a combination of analytical, communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

Lise is a PhD Interdisciplinary candidate at UNB. Her research focuses on exploring opportunities for transforming the child welfare system and understanding complex relationship dynamics within it.

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