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Jillian Lavigne, MACP, LCT-C Licensed Counselling

Therapist  - Candidate

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Jillian Lavigne, MACP, LCT-C Licensed Licensed Counselling Therapist-Candidate

Jillian Lavigne (she/her), MACP, LCT-C Licensed Counselling Therapist (Candidate) Jillian obtained her Bachelor’s in Psychology at St. Thomas University in 2020 and recently graduated from Yorkville university’s Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program. As of May 2023, Jillian is a Licensed Counselling Therapy Candidate through the College of Counselling Therapists New Brunswick (CCTNB). Throughout her education and work experience, she has gained insight and knowledge into various mental health challenges and barriers. Jillian recently completed an internship at the Miramichi Counselling Centre, in which she worked with clients of different ages and backgrounds, including teens, adults and couples. Jillian is passionate about providing clients with a safe and comfortable space to collaboratively explore and grow through the challenges they may be facing. She works primarily through a Trauma-Informed lens and integrative approaches, pulling from various theories and practices including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy and more to adhere to your unique needs. She actively participates in further education and continues to monitor and offer the most up to date services while receiving regular supervision.

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