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Marie-Pierre Godin, MTS, TSI



Marie-Pierre Godin, MTS, TSI

Clinical Social Worker


Marie-Pierre Godin holds a bachelor's degree with distinction (2006) and a master's degree in social work from the Université de Moncton (2012). During her studies, she completed internships in various organizations, and even internationally. Following her post-secondary studies, Marie-Pierre lived in Nunavut for a year, working in her field where the Inuit communities won her heart and respect; the children of the community named her Nannuk (polar bear) for her benevolence. She has also held a number of jobs related to children and families, culminating in a management position as clinical coordinator of youth services for the Vitalité network in the Chaleur region. Marie-Pierre was supervised for three years by experts in sexual abuse and family therapy in a private clinic. Marie-Pierre specializes in child-teen counseling, sexual assault, couples, adoption and children in care.  In recent years, she has developed an interest in equi-psychotherapy with her clients and with veterans.

Marie-Pierre has owned her own private practice since 2014 and co-founded Centre Mieux-Être in 2018, with her business partner Eve Arseneau. The two dreamed of a center where people could benefit from multiple, collaborative services under one roof. They made their dream come true, and it's been gaining in reputation ever since it opened. They went on to open a second center in Campbellton in 2020, a third in Caraquet in 2023, and a fourth in Baie Comeau, Quebec in the same year. Their company now employs close to 50 people.

Marie-Pierre and Eve have humbly received several awards, including Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020 and Business of the Year in 2021 from the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce. To top it all off, in 2021 they received the prestigious Business of the Year award from the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick. 

Marie-Pierre and Eve also co-founded a non-profit organization 'EL2ES' with their colleague Lyne Chantal Boudreau, PhD in Education, whose mission is to seek to eradicate all forms of violence in all environments. Their organization offers workshops and training that focus on awareness, education and empowerment for healthy relationships in which consent is central.

Marie-Pierre is dedicated to her community and to the recognition of social work in the private sector. She doesn't hesitate to give back to her community, whether as a consultant, university professor-assistant, supervisor in her clinic, by offering various presentations and workshops for various universities or community organizations, or by donating her time to local schools or coaching a youth sport.

She takes annual training courses to keep abreast of trends in social work.  In particular, Marie-Pierre has been taking courses to specialize in equine therapy since 2020. With the help of her partner Eve Arseneau and the support of the Roy family, Marie-Pierre created the Équizen stable in Alcida, which offers this out-of-the-ordinary service in the north of the province to complement so-called "traditional" therapy, which didn't always seem to meet the needs of her clients with special and multiple needs (trauma, attachment, PTSD, etc.). For more information on this approach, see section: specialization in equine therapy.

Since childhood, she has been passionate about improving the lives of others and trying to understand relationships. Her travels and work experience in northern Canada and abroad have made her a solid social worker with a passion for her work. A bilingual adoptive mother of two special-needs children, she stands out for her professionalism, leadership and perseverance.

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