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Natalie Mallet-Boudreau, MAPs., LPsych.


Natalie Mallet-Boudreau, MAPs., LPsych.


Natalie Mallet-Boudreau is a Licensed Psychologist who has been practicing since 2007. During her career, Natalie has practiced psychology with the adult, children and adolescent populations for a variety of mental health difficulties including depression and anxiety disorders. Her practice is based on behavioral-cognitive approach, as well as on the principles and tools based on emotional regulation and mindfulness. She has a specialization in the transgender population and offers therapy to them and their families. Moreso, she can offer psychological testing needed for the letter of recommendation for hormonal therapy and gender confirmation surgery. Natalie also offers psychological evaluations for learning disabilities, such as, but not limited to Attention Deficit Disorders as well mental health screenings. Natalie now offers the psychological evaluation to screen for the Autism Spectrum Disorder in collaboration with Sophie Lévesque, Speech and Language Pathologist.

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