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Sommet Mieux-Être       

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The Mind at Peace Center Mieux-Être and Espace Santé & Création are jointly organizing the first edition of the Sommet Mieux-Être this year. Therefore, it is with excitement that these two companies, both aiming for the well-being of their communities, unite to create a unique event in the region.

The purpose of the Wellness Summit is to offer people in the community the opportunity to come together, recharge their batteries and relearn how to live in harmony together. It also has the goals to be an opportunity to meet new people, improve your overall well-being and create a sense of belonging.

Join the team of recognized health professionals on October 13-15, 2022 in Charlo, New Brunswick and come experience a balancing and connecting weekend. The Wellness Summit will feature workshops and conferences focused on overall wellness and offered by various recognized professionals in different fields of health. Pleasure moments to be had during evening activities such as an evening of kiosk with recognized companies of the north, including a wine and cheese, as well as a Gala with the musical  group "The Heron Aides" to celebrate your successful moments on Saturday evening to wrap it all up.

Meals included:

Lunches Friday and Saturday: Prepared by the Moulin à Café
Dinner Friday evening: Sandwich & Salad prepared by Juice Box Inc.
Dinner Saturday evening: Dinner prepared by Cabane à Sucre GABI & Frères

*Sleep accommodation is not included in the price*    *available local loggings Heron's Nest Cottages or  Days Inn*

*There are special rates for the Sommet Mieux-être at these locations*

The Summit will begin on Thursday evening, with registration and activity in the evening, and the workshops will be during the days of Friday and Saturday.

To offer you a personalized experience, you must choose the workshops in which you want to participate. Each workshop has a limited number of participants, so the first to register will have priority of choice.

SOMMET MIEUX-ÊTRE Logo SVG montagne transparente.png

Friday morning

Close your eyes to open your mind (French)

Cynthia Lebreton
Trauma informed Yoga instructor
Amilia Thériault Mallais
CTA-C Psychotherapist and
Trauma informed Yoga instructor


Descriptions: This workshop will aim to make you live a multisensory experience without the sense of vision. The objective is to live an experience of mindfulness only guided by your 4 other senses and your capacities of interception (exploration of the internal experience).

Thus said, a sequence of yoga with the eyes covered will be offered to allow you such an experience followed by guided meditation and brief theoretical content to support the practice presented.

No prior knowledge of yoga or meditation is required. Just show up with a yoga mat or towel. In order to support a pleasant and calm experience, we invite you to bring your personal restorative effects such as a comforter, a pillow and warm socks to promote relaxation.

Friday morning

Healing the Nervous System, Trauma and Stored Survival Stress in the Body (Bilingual)

Manon Laviolette

Holistic Health Practitioner / Naturotherapist


Descriptions: In this experiential presentation, you will learn in an integrated and embodied way – involving both brain and body. The nervous system basics will be covered including its various branches and functions, the importance of the appropriately hyped-up vagus nerve, and ground-breaking polyvagal theory framework. You will learn how many symptoms of stress, anxiety and burnout might relate to the nervous system dysregulation as a result of stress and/or trauma, and your body’s healthy protection responses being stuck “on”. Finally, how reconnecting to the body and regulating the nervous system will be explored with you and explained how it is essential to healing and to experiencing greater overall health and wellbeing.

Friday afternoon

Discovering one's nature in nature (Bilingual)

Tania Parker
Jolyane Dawn
Occupational therapist


Descriptions: Together, Tania and Jolyane will offer their workshop in 2 parts (indoor and outdoor) aimed at using all your senses to connect with nature. Time in nature is known to be beneficial in all areas of your health. As a result, mindfulness is an increasingly sought-after subject that stands out as beneficial for everyone's health, including oneself and nature. So, the presenters offer you the possibility of integrating mindfulness so that you can live the experience fully in all its simplicity and then reproduce it when it is possible in your life.

Friday afternoon

Creativity on paper (French)

Melissa Frenette

Social worker


Descriptions:   The Creativity on Paper workshop is an introspective activity that usually combines writing, collage and drawing techniques. The workshop offered by Mélissa does not require any particular expertise or artistic talent since the goal is to let oneself be guided by one's intuition and creativity while following a general theme. Thus, the workshop will be guided and focused on the intuitive process rather than the result. By using your intuition, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner world while being non-judgmental. No material needed for this workshop, material included. 

Saturday morning

Mindful Dancing (Bilingual)

Melody Vienneau
Social Worker with master's degree


Descriptions: This workshop will offer you a breathtaking workshop through mindful dance. Did you know that this is demonstrated to be a “grassroots” approach to treating various mental health issues including trauma? It allows you to 1) move 2) become aware of your body 3) do mindfulness exercises 4) have access to various emotions through connection with movement and music.

The workshop offers you a safe and judgment-free place to allow you to express yourself and move freely. No formal dance experience is required, just your desire to move and your curiosity to learn. Mélodie will guide you towards mindfulness by paying attention to your movements, the music and your environment. Careful attention will be encouraged to live in the present moment and address emotions that may surface with curiosity, non-judgment and acceptance. The workshop will be divided into three parts: the warm-up, the exploratory and mindfulness part, and finally the relaxation and guided meditation.

Saturday morning

Intuitive eating (French)

Karine Roy


Descriptions: Intuitive eating is a concept that is growing in popularity, and with good reason. The environment in which we live greatly affects our ability to eat intuitively, thanks to the culture of diets, among other factors. The following will be covered during this workshop:

●    The outline of intuitive eating;

●    The impacts of the environment, in which we grow up and live in, on our relationship with food;

●    What exactly is food satisfaction?;

●    Why do you have cravings for certain foods?;

●    Allowing yourself to eat what you want, when you want, without guilt, is it possible?;

●    Concrete actions to repair your relationship with food.

Saturday afternoon

How to be happy in your career (English with French visuals)

Annick Mcintosh
Certified Advisor


Descriptions: During this workshop, Annick will give you the chance to discuss what can really make you happy in your career. It will address important key elements to consider within your professional path in order to achieve YOUR goals. More specifically, you will discuss with her:
●    What does it mean to be happy at work?;

●    The art of asking the right questions;

●    Should you follow your passion: ikigai;

●    The importance of values and non-negotiables.

Saturday afternoon

Live every moment and stay in the present (French)

Marty Bourque
Musician, musico-lecturer, author-composer-Performer


Descriptions: This workshop will be an open-hearted sharing of truth, humor and music. Marty addresses topics that are often stigmatized in today's society, such as; anxiety, depression and addiction, while remaining in a relaxed atmosphere (casual). A survivor of numerous heart surgeries since birth, Marty shares the tools accumulated over his 44 years that have made him a resilient man.

Payments, registrations and choice of workshops

Registration for the Wellness Summit requires a non-refundable deposit of $50.

The total cost of the Wellness Summit is $400. But there is 30% off until early Octobre! Only 280$!

  • A reminder that this includes fees for 4 workshops, snacks, 2 lunches, 3 dinners and evening activities.

Reserve your spot at the Sommet Mieux-Être now by following the link button below to register and choose your favorite workshops.

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