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Specialization and support for LGBTQ2S +

Service also available  in Campbellton and Caraquet


The Mind at Peace Center offers support to LGBTQ2S+ individuals, their loved ones and those who work with them. People who identify as a sexual or gender minority have many unmet health and mental health needs and are less likely to access emergency and preventive services. It happens when people are fearfull to go to healthcare services because of discrimination (real or perceived). The Wellness Center offers you care and an appropriate opening according to your needs.

Pride Parade

psychological assessment

The Center also offers psychological assessment (letter of recommendation) which is generally requested by specialists in order to prescribe hormonal treatments as well as for gender confirmation surgeries.

The Mind at Peace Center highly values and respects diversity and recognizes the importance that everyone must feel safe and valued in this environment, including individuals receiving services, families, health care providers and physicians. The Center’s practice is based on its core values, including compassion, respect, and safety.

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