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Autism Spectrum Specialization

Diagnostic Evaluation

The diagnostic evaluation service aims at confirming or ruling out the presence of an Autism Spectrum Disorder in children and adults. As recommended by best practices, the assessment process is carried out by an interdisciplinary team, a psychologist and a speech and language therapist.

This service includes the assessment of the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional profile of the child, adolescent or adult. It includes a clinical interview as well as the administration of several psychometric tests, including the ADOS-II includes consultation of previous evaluations as well as the observations of professionals who have worked with the child or adult.

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Child and family specific autism counseling


The Mind at Peace Center offers a psychosocial and therapeutic counseling service to support the individual following the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder, to offer psychoeducation and offer a specialized approach (SACCADE) towards better individual and family wellbeing. Recommendations and referrals to other services can be made when necessary (private, public and community sector). 
SACCADE is based on scientific research on the neurodevelopmental approach specialized with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The approach uses cognitive strategies focused on the internal functions and needs of the person with autism. The purpose of using these strategies is to help people diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder to gain access to more information, receive a better understanding, communication, and expression of their emotions. The approach also helps them improve their understanding of their needs and support them achieve their goals.

Support and accompaniment service

The support and accompaniment service are offered by the psychosocial worker at home to provide support and follow-up using the same approaches seen in therapy. This service aims at helping the person on the autism spectrum and the family to obtain support in the process of adaptation and will guide them in applying the techniques and approaches seen in therapy.

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Relief care

The mission is to provide relief and support services to families with a child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing relief at home by the Psychosocial Interventionist from Mind at Peace Center. This service will allow parents to take time for themselves knowing that their child is in good hands while they are away.

First appointment (Parents/guardians only)

During the first session, the Interventionist will meet with the parents to complete the forms, discuss the child’s specific needs and their expectations of the services. Next, the worker will develop a service plan to ensure that the needs of the family/child are compatible with the service offered.

Second appointment

Once the plan is accepted, the Interventionist will come to the home to meet the child to create a bond. The first session will be one hour long with the mandatory parents presence. This session can be repeated as needed and requested until it is judged that the child can be left alone with the interventionist. 
Once the parents and the child are comfortable with the Psychosocial Interventionist and vice versa, the relief care service can begin. 
Services can be offered either during the day, a few evenings and sometimes on weekends.

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