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Equitherapy specialization


  The HEAL™ model uses a set of principles for understanding and managing emotions in ourselves and others, which we call the “Six Keys to Relationships”.


  The horse is the medium of this type of therapy with a therapist and an equine specialist. This approach is founded on ground training only. The idea behind the HEAL keys is that we cannot control the emotional state of the horse; but we can influence the emotion and behavior of the horse in positive directions by consciously managing our own arousal, thought processes and responses (i.e. through careful and educated use of the Keys).


   Anyone can benefit from equine therapy sessions, regardless of their age, because the treatments are individualized. Also, improved self-esteem, assimilation of cognitive and emotional functions, communication and, more realistic situation assessment, etc. can be noted during therapy treatment. Basically, the horse does not recognize labels or diagnoses, it accepts the person as they are at the time of the session. In addition, the H.E.AL. program is adapted to different age groups, to family or relational therapy, and this, to the level of physical/emotional capacity of the person and it is an approach that is adapted for people who have lived through traumas. Educational sessions can also be offered.


EquiZen Stables


Claude and Géralda are the proud owners of the Équizen stables. They heard about the Mind at Peace Center’s project and mission and wanted to take part in helping the community feel better through horses.  For them, being able to share their passion and love for horses while helping the community is an honor and a great source of pride. Their big hearts mean that you might see them around the stables taking care of their facility and the horses when you come for a visit.

Geralda and Claude are the very important people who keep the horses fit, fed, healthy and ready to see you. They give our horses lots of love and attention and make sure the yard is clean and tidy. They try to stay away when clients visit us, but you can be sure they will be busy behind the scenes.


Equine lessons

   The Mind at Peace Center also offers ground based equine lessons of western style. These lessons are private and one-on-one. Contact the Center for more information.




Marie-Pierre Godin

Clinical social worker

Marie-Pierre Godin holds a Bachelor's Degree with distinction and a Master's degree in Social work from the Université de Moncton. Since her childhood, she has been passionate about improving the lives of others. She has over 15 years of experience as a registered social worker with children, families, in school settings as well as indigenous peoples in Northern Canada.  During her studies, she did internships in different organizations, and internationally, which gave her a solid foundation in social work and an openness to the world and its various cultures. She was supervised for three years by experts in sexual abuse, family and couple therapy. Following her post-secondary studies, she held several positions focusing on children and their families in various settings, before taking up a management position as clinical coordinator for youth services for the Vitalité network in the Chaleur region.  

Marie-Pierre specializes in child-teen counseling, sexual assault, couple, family, adoption and children in care. She is an expert in intervention with families living with complex needs, including attachment and trauma. She does not hesitate to give back to her community by being a teacher, supervisor, coordinator or by offering various presentations and workshops for various universities or organizations. She takes annual training to stay abreast of trends in her field.  Marie-Pierre has taken courses to specialize in equine therapy since 2020. 
Mother of two adopted children with special needs, bilingual, she stands out for her professionalism, leadership and perseverance. Marie-Pierre has worked in the private field since 2007 and owned her private practice since 2014. Since 2018, she has been a social worker and co-owner of the Mind at Peace Center.


Dahlia Dempsey

Equine specialist


Dahlia is all horses, she sleeps, dreams, and breathes horses. She has been around horses since she was 7 years old and there is nothing that she loves more than to share her love for them with you! Guess who was her valentine this year?? You guessed right if you thought of her horse, Gypsy is her one and only prince charming and together they make an unbeatable team. That being said, Dahlia works with any horse and assists many in the region with training their horses. That’s why Dahlia was the perfect choice for being our equine specialist. She is soft spoken, with nerves of steel and you will see her during sessions ensuring that everyone’s safety (including the horses!). Dahlia is part of the therapy sessions as her role is primordial in making the therapy process a success with the therapist. Dahlia aspires to do her Western courses during the summer of 2022 to enhance her capacities as a team member.

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