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Stéphanie Savaria-Houde, OT reg (NB)


Stéphanie Savaria-Houde, OT reg (NB)

Pediatric Occupational Therapist.

   Stéphanie has been practicing as an occupational therapist within the Vitalité Health Network since graduating with distinction from the University of Ottawa in 2009. She has more than 8 years experience working with children between the ages of 0 to 16 which gives her a solid expertise with a variety of pediatric services and diagnosis (e.g. autism, ADHD, developmental coordination disorder, sensory processing issues, down syndrome, developmental delays, prematurity, etc.)


   Curious and passionate, Stéphanie keeps up to date with research and has completed several specialized training courses in order to integrate best practices approaches and add new tools to help her clients facing challenges in their every day lives (e.g. feeding difficulties, toilet training, fine motor skills, autonomy in routines, etc.) With a blend of creativity, compassion and fun, Stéphanie strives in the pursuit of her main goal: ‘Enable children to overcome the challenges that prevent them from acquiring the skills necessary to engage fully in their lives (i.e. playing, learning, sleeping, dressing, etc.) and reach their full potential.


   To achieve this, Stéphanie provides personalized services in the child’s natural environment (home, school, daycare, etc.) to better understand his and his environment’s needs. More specifically, she will assess and work directly with the child, and coach and support his caretakers (parents, teacher, workers, etc.) in finding solutions and implementing strategies and recommendations. All this with a splash of fun! Stéphanie joins the Mind at Peace Center in the Campbellton region on a part time basis.

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