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Veronique Gallien


Veronique Gallien

Social Worker


Veronique Gallien, Registered Social Worker since 2001, works at giving support to children, teenagers and families who struggle with various difficulties. Throughout her career, she has developed her knowledge on a variety of approaches and techniques in Social Work. Véronique has a technique in Social Work at la Citée Collégiale in Ottawa and graduated with a Bachelor in Social Work in 2012 at Université de Laurentienne in Sudbury. She has mostly worked with youths at risk, offered prenatal and postnatal courses and support to young parents, evaluated preschool children to get them ready for kindergarten and has supported the families who needed it the most. Veronique has the strong ability to listen, ask the right questions and offer support while she meets with clients. She certainly would help you to reflect and grow in your personal growth journey.

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