Julie Doucet

Julie Doucet

Intervenante Psychosociale

Julie Doucet is a community interventionist and has gained experience since she received her diploma in 2015 . She graduated from ‘’Technique de réadaptation et de justice pénale’’ at La Cité, the college of applied arts and technology in Ottawa. She has worked in intervention with young adolescents with various mental health disorders and young children within the autism spectrum. During her previous jobs at the Centre Evolution Jeunesse and at the School District ‘’Francophone Nord-Est’’, Julie was able to apply and develop various skills in case management and crisis intervention. 

Julie has always been passionate about community leadership and helping others. Her numerous community volunteer work and her four humanitarian trips have led her to develop a great sense of leadership, awareness, and a great respect for others. Julie is excited and motivated to be part of the Mind at Peace team.


Telephone : 1 (506) 252-2976

Fax : 1 (506) 546-8594

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