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Some members of our team hold certifications in equi-psychotherapy.This type of therapy uses horses as mediators and facilitators of therapy.  In other words, the horse's emotional state cannot be controlled, but you can influence the horse's state in positive directions by consciously managing your own bodily reactions, as well as your thought processes and responses to stress and trauma (H.E.A.L.™).

This type of therapy offers a series of ground work with the horses with a specialized therapist and equine specialist(to ensure your safety). Anyone can benefit from equi-psychotherapy sessions, regardless of age, and treatments are catered to the person’s needs. 

You'll notice benefits such as improved self-esteem, better assimilation of cognitive and emotional functions, better communication, more realistic situation assessment, etc. Basically, the horse doesn't recognize labels or diagnoses; it accepts the person as he or she is at the time of the session. What's more, this type of therapy is adapted to different age groups, to family or relationship therapy, to the person's level of physical ability, and is a suitable approach for people who have experienced trauma. Educational and group sessions are also available.


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